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Must Watch TV Shows for IPTV Subscribers

Must-Watch TV Shows for IPTV Subscribers in the UK

While it’s simple to become engaged in addictive American dramas, occasionally nothing compares to a fantastic British TV program. A true TV fan will frequently explore Europe for the best episodes to watch, and with a growing number of streaming services, British TV shows are now more accessible than ever. Here is a list of some of the Must-Watch TV Shows for IPTV Subscribers. There is a vast universe of television out there that covers everything from time-traveling lovers to Queen Elizabeth‘s early reign.

Must Watch TV Shows for IPTV Subscribers

The Crown:

This lavish, Netflix original drama covers Queen Elizabeth II‘s life from the 1940s to the present and is based on an award-winning play (“The Audience“) by writer Peter Morgan. After her father, King George VI, passed away at the age of 25, the queen took the throne, and the show begins with an inside look at her early reign.

As the years went by, political conflicts, love triangles, and personal intrigues emerged that significantly influenced the events that shaped the 2nd half of the 20th century.

How to watch: The Crown is available to stream on Netflix.

Peaky Blinders:

Britain in 1919, during the Great War, is a land somewhere between pleasure and poverty. In a country shaken by recession, criminal gangs, recently minted revolutionaries, and returning warriors are battling for survival. Thomas Shelby, a returning war hero, and his family headed the Peaky Blinders, one of the most deadly gangs of the era.

However, Thomas’s goals go beyond simply regulating the streets. He sees an opportunity to rise in the world when a shipment of guns disappears because, while crime may pay, legal commerce is more profitable. Inspector Chester Campbell travels from Belfast with the objective of eliminating Britain from its corruption.

How to watch:  Peaky Blinders is available to stream on Netflix.


The much-loved romantic novel series by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton, revolves around the Bridgerton family of siblings and their search for love. Bridgerton is a seductive, candy-colored recreation of these novels. An anonymous gossip columnist in the community named Lady Whistledown recounts the ups and downs of eighteenth-century life, providing a little mystery to the proceedings.

How to watch: Bridgerton is on Netflix.

The Night Manager:

Hugh Laurie’s character plays an arms dealer, and in this suspenseful thriller based on John le Carré’s publication, MI-6 agent Angela Burr (Olivia Colman) requests former British soldier Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) to break into his inner circle. A second season has been reported in the works, in spite of the first season broadcasting in 2016. It will air five years later.

How to Watch: The Night Manager is on Prime Video.

Sex Education:

This humorous British teen comedy focuses on the parents, teachers, and students of the fictional Moordale Secondary School in addition to following Otis (Asa Butterfield), whose mother (Gillian Anderson) works as a sex therapist. In September, the conclusion of the fourth season will be released.

How to Watch: Sex Education is on Netflix.

The Bodyguard:

This political thriller starring Richard Madden (a.k.a. Robb Stark Game of Thrones) captivated British attention in 2018, and it is now available to stream in the United States. Madden plays the titular bodyguard, who is charged with protecting a high-profile British politician. The show follows the couple as they navigate a particularly difficult political situation.

How to Watch: The Bodyguard is available on Netflix.


Luther, a self-destructive investigator, is skilled but emotionally aggressive when it comes to solving cases. Idris Elba’s renowned portrayal of the depressing investigator creates a gripping and disturbing drama.

How to Watch: Luther is available on BritBox.

The Miniaturist:

When Jessie Burton’s story The Miniaturist went on the market for the very first time, it triggered a negotiation between publishers. Petronella (Nella) Oortman’s incredible story and her doll house have now been made into a three-part miniseries.

Must Watch TV Shows for IPTV Subscribers

How to Watch: The Miniaturist is available on Amazon.


Reminiscent of Shameless with its controversial storylines—think: dysfunctional families, mental illness, and adolescent sexuality—Skins follows the lives of a group of teenagers living in Bristol.

Must Watch TV Shows for IPTV Subscribers

How to Watch: Skins is available on Hulu.


This sensual drama, based on Diana Gabaldon’s novel series of the same name, follows Claire Randall, a former World War II nurse, as she suddenly travels back in time to 18th-century Scotland. Season seven is currently running, so there’s a lot to catch up on.

Must Watch TV Shows for IPTV Subscribers

How to Watch: Outlander is available on Starz and Amazon.

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