12 Month IPTV No Adult


This gives a wide range of UK and USA subscription channels as well as 3pm Kick offs


Before purchasing if installing it for zgemma please follow this guide, to the point of copy the code in.

If you would like it for the zgemma as a Plugin, then please state your MAC address when ordering. (Recommended)


If ordering for an android device follow these instructions



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12 month IPTV Subscription


For Many different devices, this provides you with hundreds of different channels via streaming.


You need to have some knowledge of how to it set up I will give you some guidance on certain devices. YouTube is your friend.

The channels you gets are:


UK 3PM Kick Offs

UK Sports

UK Movies



U.K. Documentaries

PPV Sport Events (Boxing)

At the checkout please state which format you would like it in.


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